•  How to Purchase?
Ans: Click on 'BUY now' button in the home page, choose an album package and proceed to a payment method of your choice.
  • How many album copies are available?
Ans: Currently, we have made available 100,000 streaming access.
  •  Is this album minted as an NFT?
Ans: Not yet but plans are in view.
  • As a fan, will I receive commission for selling album?
Ans: We only offer commission packages to our registered marketers and agents.
Contact for marketing partnership.
  • What happens when I loose access to my album purchase?
Ans: Simply revisit this website, click on 'BUY now' and enter email address used for album purchase.
  • Will album price continue going up?
Ans: Yes, as demand increases, price will continue to rise.
  • What is my Token ID?
Ans: Token ID is your unique purchase identification code to access and stream the album.
  •  What is the Merchandise?
Ans: The Merchandise are surprise packages created by TCHAP0 personally.
  •  Will AfroLife be available on other platforms?
Ans: No, only the promo tracks will be made available on other streaming platforms.
  • Will the album be downloadable?
Ans: No, album is only available for streaming on this website.
  • Can I add the album to my playlist on any of the streaming platforms I am already subscribed to? 
Ans: No you can't, the album is exclusively distributed on this site so it can only be streamed here.
  • Can I share the album with a loved one or a friend?
Ans: Yes you can, with a member email only. 
  • What is AfroLife?
Ans: AfroLife is a contemporary musical genre which combines Afrobeats and Highlife.
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